Things About Me
(in totally random order)
  • I love tea (especially chai) and coffee (decaf).
  • My favorite spice is cardamom.
  • Horses are my favorite animal (obviously!), followed by dogs and badgers.
  • I live with two dogs: Beryl, an Australian Shepherd, who likes to have a job and Scout, a Golden Retriever who’s happy being huggable.
  • I do not live with a badger, I do have a badger tattoo.
  • The wild animals that have made an appearance in my suburban back yard include: red-tailed hawks, a fox, a wild turkey (they can fly), a bunny named Fufu, and a ground hog named Fred who lives in our shed.
  • I would rather have a miniature horse living in our shed,
    with a better name than ‘Fred’.
  • Not that there is anything wrong with the name, but our family is into Celtic names, hence Cerredwyn.
  • She is a Celtic Goddess, who is best known in Wales. (And yes, I do know how to both spell and pronounce my name. Really. People ask me if I know how.)

Cerredwyn grew up in the art and horse worlds. In college, she studied psychology, English, biology, anthropology, and theatre and almost didn’t get her degree when she angered the administration. She managed to graduate and continued her studies in Eastern religions, advanced mathematics, textiles, and psychopharmacology. The eclectic course selection confused her professors and she did not complete her master’s.

While living in Vienna, she wrote a document on cocaine for the United Nations and waltzed at a masked ball at the Hofburg Palace. In Oregon, she worked as a journalist for local and national magazines. Her favorite assignments were interviewing New Age gurus, working as a mounted security officer, and coloring flash in a tattoo shop.

Her current life consists of spending time with her beloved husband and awesome daughter. She can be found leading a Girl Scout troop, substitute teaching, and occasionally bellydancing. She also trains her dressage horse, sings in a choir, and reads avidly. As an entrepeneur, she edits numerous books, meets with designers, chooses marketing plans, signs contracts, does school visits and book signings, and of course, writes.

Only in hindsight have the disparate elements of her life begun to make sense.