Improvise. Adapt. Overcome.

Fourteen-year-old Rainbeau Harley is free from prying parents because their primary passions are drugs and rock and roll. She spends time in her uncle’s shop following her dream to become a tattooist, but she’s willing to travel from Oregon to Massachusetts to find something she wants more than her dream and her freedom.

She’ll have to improvise, adapt, and overcome to accomplish her goal and that includes all things hairy with giant teeth.

“The dialogue-rich story creates multidimensional characters that come to life on the page. In addition, Horrigan’s coming-of-age novel has a fast-paced plot that brims with life lessons.
An intimate, emotional journey though the hardships of one girl’s adolescence.”
Kirkus Reviews

“Rainbeau Harley is alternatingly inspirational and heartbreaking, but always compelling. Ms. Horrigan has created a protagonist with a unique, brave voice and she has not shied away from the complexity that can call children to function beyond their physical ages. Throughout the story Rainbeau must often make difficult decisions in an environment where she can never be assured of a good outcome. The circuitous path Rainbeau travels does not predict the ending of the story, which comes in the form of a satisfying twist. It is a lovely coming of age story for young women everywhere.”
Barbara Wilson Arboleda, MS CCC-SLP

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